Your Guide when Relocating Pets to Another Country

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Traveling with a pet outside the country needs medical protocols and legal paperwork that an owner must fulfill if the trip is to go without a hitch. With all the preparations required for the journey, it’s important that you don’t forget to have the long checklist of what are to be done in relation to your dog, cat or whatever your domesticated animal is. You can attend to the items in the inventory yourself or you can avail of pet transportation services in New York City.


Research Pet Import Laws of Destination

Not all countries have the same import rules when it comes to pets. Some don’t even allow certain animals. An example would be New Zealand which doesn’t allow snakes and other reptiles, ferrets, mice, rats and even birds to be brought in by tourists and expatriates. In American Samoa, snakes, rodents or birds will be sent to kingdom come immediately. Most countries are friendly to dogs and cats, but only after they’re made to comply with the usual prerequisites. The rule of thumb is investigate what the laws are in relation to bringing a pet to your future home abroad.

Medical Protocols for Pets

The first stop to make if your pet is traveling with you is the veterinarian’s clinic. One has to be sure that your animal’s healthy enough to travel and meets the conditions of the destination country. The place you’re going to may have certain health requirements that must be met. Having said that, here are the general procedures your pet will need. 

Microchip for identification – The pet needs to have implanted in it the owner’s contact details, its health records and vaccination information. This can be easily read by the custom official using a scanner.

Rabies Vaccination & Other Inoculations – There is a timeframe for a pet’s shots to be administered before travel. Consult with experts on international pet shipping in New York City for detailed information.

Parasite Treatments & Blood Tests – Your animal must be checked for external & internal organisms that can be infectious and he or she must be treated for them.

Quarantine – A waiting period for the observation of your pets must be complied with to ensure that they’re healthy and will not be the source of any form of contamination where they’re going.

Paperwork for Pet Travel

You’ll be surprised at the amount of documentation canines and felines require to get into another country. Aside from all the certificates and clearances that will be asked in relation to your visit to the veterinarian, the pet will also have to show additional papers. Here’s a comprehensive list:

Pet passport

Travel documents,
Import permits,
Customs forms,
Flight reservation & ticket.
Live Animal sticker, personalized ID and owner’s contact information on the travel kennel
Endorsement of relevant documents by the USDA

Proof of Microchip
Rabies vaccination certificate
General inoculation record

Health & quarantine confirmations

Make sure you’re carrying with you extra copies of all your pet-related documents. If any of them are missing or your papers are incomplete, this could result in expensive delays. Your pet may even get denied flying with you or get through customs after you disembark from your flight. Get help from those who are adept at this. A company that offers pet transportation services in New York City knows exactly what to do.

Make It Easy On Yourself

Keep in mind that your dog or cat needs more papers to get on the plane than its human does. Get that checklist straightened by someone who can ensure that Fido or Felix or whatever the name is will be taken care of. Look up Pet Chauffeur. They’ve been shipping pets abroad and within the continent for over 25 years. Pet Chauffeur has been flying pets by airlines and guarantees door-to-door services. Call 212-696-9744 for more information.