Robert B Review

I’ve been using Pet Chauffeur for many years now, and it is remarkably efficient and easy to use. The drivers are always polite, on-time, and very careful to ensure a safe ride for your pooch. (Their ability to constantly be on-time is actually sort of astonishing, considering Manhattan traffic.)

Once you’ve used them, they know you, you don’t have to give them all the information again, “She’s going back to 72nd Street” or whatever, and they have it down. My dog actually looks forward to the arrival of the van, and hops right in.

It ain’t cheap. But it saves the enormous hassle of trying to get a cab to stop for you and your animal, the return trip, having to pack the dog up for an Uber, etc. And the folks you deal with on the phone are courteous and responsive. Once I needed a ride for my dog earlier than their posted hours…they checked around, and were able to find a driver who could handle that hour, within about 30 seconds. That’s what I mean….they go out of their way to serve you.

Awesome company and people!



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