Must-have Preparation for Your Pet Before a Long Travel

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dog waiting to travel in airport


Moms know best, they say. As for pet owners, whether they are fur moms or dads, they want to have what is best when choosing the best pet-friendly airlines and pet transport services in NYC, and internationally. However, this is not the only concern when traveling for a vacation or relocation with their lovely pets. Fur parents, especially those who are embarking on a trip for the first time or new fur parents, should be aware of the must-have preparations before taking a long journey. 

Here are some things you should consider if you are among these fur parents who are traveling for the first time with their pets:

Imposing Proper Training
Training your pets to do some tricks can be awesome. However, some training requires them to be prepared if they are going to travel, especially if it is your pet’s first trip away from home. Crate training is one of the most helpful things you can impose on your pet before your travel period. Additionally, its familiar and comfortable crate serves as a form of assurance.

Another training you can do before the trip is to do some practice or drills, like taking a 15-minute ride around town, and when it goes well, you can extend the duration. However, if your pet suffers or has a bad reaction like nausea and anxiety, you have to choose other alternatives to make pet transportation in NYC easier.

Quality Time
It is also crucial for pet owners to spend some quality time with their pets before the long trip. It will take a long time before they can get to run and exercise, so you have to play with them as much as possible. Moreover, this can ease some of their anxiety, so make sure to bring some of their favorite toys too!

Packing the Necessary
First and foremost, pet owners should always pack the necessary stuff for their beloved pets. Items like leashes, crates, collars, pet food, waste bags, and, of course, their favorite toys are what you should always pack first. But make sure that their collars have their vaccination tags and your contact information. And if you are thinking of bringing a newly bought toy for your pet, do not opt for small ones that can be a choking hazard. Choose chewable toys instead

Visiting the Vet
There are many reasons why you should always pay a visit to the veterinarian before traveling. Your pet’s well-being is the most important part of the long trip preparation process. Do not forget to inform the vet about the trip, how long it will be, and where you are headed. In that way, the doctor can assess how well your pet can handle the stress. Most importantly, you have the available medical record of your pet while traveling. 

Additionally, there are other things you have to be aware of when visiting the vet. If you haven't gotten your pet microchipped, you should also consider this. Or if your pet has specific issues, like pre-existing medical concerns, that may affect or impact them during the trip, then you should consult with a vet. Also, always bring a first aid kit.

Another thing you should consider is to make sure that your pet is well-groomed. Make sure that your pet’s fur is maintained and always bring grooming tools in case their fur gets tangled or matted.

Early Arrival
It is best to arrive at the airport early. Because there are times when passengers should check in their pets two hours before the flight schedule. Arriving early can also make you spare some time to walk them around during the extra time and get some nice quality time. 


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