International Pet Travels: The Requirements and Documents Pet Owners Should Prepare

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Are you planning to move to another country and you’re looking for a professional and reliable pet airline transportation service in NYC to transport your beloved and cherished pet? Then, Pet Chauffeur is the perfect and right place for you. We are your go-to and trusted international or domestic pet shipping company. But before the transportation of your pet, you need to know and be aware of the needed requirements and documents.

Needed Requirements and Documents for Pet Travels

Here are some of the essential requirements and documents you should prepare for your international pet travels.

  1. International Health Certificate
    One of the essential requirements and documents you need to prepare for your pet’s international travel is an international health certificate. This certificate must be completed within a specific time frame (usually within 10 days) before your arrival date. Any other paperwork required by the destination country must also be accomplished.
  2. Rabies Vaccinations Certificate
    Another significant requirement needed when you are transporting your pet internationally is a valid rabies vaccination. To confirm that the rabies vaccination is valid, the vaccination must have been given no more than one year and no less than 30 days before the intended travel date. To ensure that there won’t be any problems on the day of your travel, make sure to check your pet’s vaccination certificate in good time.
  3. A Microchip
    The next crucial requirement needed to transport your beloved pet internationally is a microchip. A microchip is a permanent form of identification that many countries require to ensure that the pet being brought in is the same one specified in the paperwork. Take note that some countries require the microchip to be given before the rabies vaccine.

    Additionally, some places require a different microchip than the one your pet already has, in which case they must have two microchips. To ensure successful and safe worldwide pet transportation services in NYC, choose Pet Chauffeur as your transportation partner.

  4. Normal Canine and Feline Vaccinations
    Another important requirement and document that your pet needs when traveling internationally is the normal canine and feline vaccination certificates. Since veterinary authorities are mainly concerned that your pet’s rabies vaccination is current, it is significant that your pets receive these vaccinations annually and are updated when necessary.

    Moreover, valid vaccination certificates are essential when your pet is boarding. All reputable kennels would insist you meet these requirements when traveling with your pet.

  5. Blood Titer Tests
    If you are planning to move or go to a rabies-free country with your beloved pet, make sure to prepare blood titer test results for your pet. The result or certification for the blood titer test should be within a certain time frame before your travel. Furthermore, take note and remember that some other countries also require additional infectious disease tests, so make sure to prepare those.

How to choose the best airline for your pet?

When picking an airline to make the reservation, the first choice is to pick an airline that has a direct flight for international travels. Considering all international flights have a holding time of 4 hours before departure and usually takes anywhere from an hour to 4 hours to clear customs in addition to the travel time on the plane. In the USA, there are 3 major airlines that fly internationally: American, Delta and United. If there are direct flights that require a certified broker through an IPATA agent (link to IPATA profile), you can find a reputable company in the link provided.


In Conclusion

If you are planning to migrate to another country or to go there for a vacation and relax with your beloved and cherished pet, make sure to be prepared and get these requirements and documents ready for your travel. Pet Chauffeur is your expert and reliable partner when it comes to worldwide pet transportation services in NYC and the tristate area. Do not hesitate to call us today at 212-696-9744 or 866-738-7433 to avail of our services.