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Choosing The Best Alternative: Airline Transportation for Your Beloved Pets

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There are pet owners who sometimes find it difficult to leave home without their four-legged fur friends. Fortunately, pet airline transportation services in NYC and the tristate area (New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) have made it easier for pets to join their masters on trips. Let's go over what is available for dogs, cats, and other additional pets you may have, including birds and reptiles:

Pet-Friendly Airlines

Choosing the right airline is important when flying with pets. It is always recommended to take a direct flight to your destination if possible. There will be non-direct flights as well, in which the airline workers will take your pets out for a much-needed break and walk. They provide special pet travel programs and services that are specifically directed toward the animal’s care and welfare. Delta Air Lines has a Pet Policy that ensures temperature-controlled holding spaces, priority boarding for pet owners, and strict safety standards.

Similarly, United Airlines offers Pet Safe, a detailed program for transporting pets securely and pleasantly. Along with American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, these airlines have pet-friendly cabins or cargo areas that are properly ventilated and temperature-controlled. This is a common standard for airline transportation domestically and internationally. Animal welfare and pet safety is important to us as it is to you too!

For Our Larger Pet-Friendly Cargo Airlines

For bigger fur friends or those flying long distances, there are cargo sections in airlines that specialize in pet transportation. Companies like Pet Airways specialize in transporting pets safely to your destination. They provide specialized services like climate-controlled cabins, veterinary treatment when needed during transportation, and a dedicated crew who are trained to handle animals and safeguard their well-being. This is an important aspect of pet airline transportation as some may have a larger pet than the average.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

When arranging airline travel with dogs, cats, birds, and more, it’s essential to consider both the journey and the lodgings at your destination. Many hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals are now pet-friendly, allowing fur friends to stay with their owners in comfort.

There are websites and apps for animal-friendly travelers, like BringFido and Airbnb, that make it simple to find lodgings that will accommodate them. Convenient partnerships have been forged between airlines and living accommodations to ensure a seamless travel experience for you and your pet.

Preparation and Safety Measures for Pet Airline Travel

Appropriate planning and safety considerations are critical when flying with dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. Be sure they have all the necessary vaccines, rabies shots, and microchips to be able to fly your pet domestically and internationally.  You will have to make sure your pet has a letter that is approved by a veterinarian for air travel. Beforehand, familiarize the pets with their travel carriers. Put in their favorite toys and maybe their favorite treat to keep them happy and entertained during the pet’s air travel. Provide enough food, water, and medications (if necessary) to our team at Pet Chauffeur. We will ensure that this pet is safe, travel-ready with all the pet’s accommodations, and well taken care of. Attach identification tags and make sure to microchip your pet if they have not been already.


Stress-Free Travel for You & Your Pet

Our pet airline transportation services in  New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and more states allow pet owners to enjoy traveling with their fur friends. A guardian with Pet Chauffeur can guarantee their animal companion’s stress-free travel experience by choosing the right airline, considering specialized pet transport with agents like us, and emphasizing preparation and safety procedures.

If you’re taking your pet abroad with you or flying within the United States, Pet Chauffeur can help you along your and your pet’s journey. We can help you fly your pet and can arrive to bring your pet to the airport ourselves with or without the owner. We are the ones who handle the paperwork between the airlines, the country’s regulations, and yourself, so it makes things a lot easier for you to enjoy your trip and have your pet with you after landing too! Call us at Pet Chauffeur at 212-696-9744 or call 866-PET-RIDE, or fill out our form that is on the front of our website:

International Journey: Requirements When Your Pet is Traveling with an Airline

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Traveling worldwide for individuals with pets can be an exciting adventure. If you’re that person, you will need an international pet transportation service for pet travel. Make sure to carefully research the various standards and requirements that must be met.

A pet plays an important role in its handler’s life, as they easily become family. It is imperative to us that regulations are followed and your pet is ready for international travel. Let’s talk about them.

1. Research the Destination

One of the first tasks that needs to be addressed is learning about the destination country's animal welfare laws and regulations. Each country has its’ own set of guidelines on the documentation of vaccinations and possible quarantines for your pet. Avoid last-minute surprises by contacting an IPATA member (which is us) and your local veterinarian well in advance.

2. Documentation

Documentation is an important part of overseas travel with a pet. Countries require a certified health certificate from a professional veterinarian who can certify the dog's health and compliance with necessary vaccinations. Remember that some nations require additional documents or permits as well.

3. Vaccinations

Vaccination standards differ by country. Make sure your pet is up to date on all required shots or vaccinations before booking an international flight. Rabies, distemper, and parvovirus are among the most common immunizations needed for overseas travel. Some countries may require extra immunizations for tick-borne diseases or tapeworms. Be compliant with all pet travel requirements.

4. Quarantine

Specific regulations apply when traveling with your pet, especially when traveling internationally with your pet. While many countries do not impose quarantine periods for your pet, some may have special regulations. It's crucial to know them and ensure the safety of your pet on your international flight.

5. Compliance of Regulations in Transit Countries

In addition, you must remember the restrictions of any pet transit countries you’ll be traveling through. Some nations may have tight rules governing the transportation of animals, including service dogs, which may affect your trip plans. Again, research these criteria ahead of time. Meeting all the required arrangements will help you avoid delays on your journey.

6. Welfare and Comfort of Pet Passengers

The safety and regulations while traveling with your pet internationally are critical for their well-being and comfort. Reducing their anxiety by providing adequate exercise before your pet’s international flight and toilet breaks will surely help them along their journey. Food, water, and essential medications are essential to your pet’s relief during the flight.


A Pawsome Journey For Your Fur Friend

A guide to pet travel overseas needs planning, attention to detail, and listening to laws and guidelines. Research the destination country's policies, collect the required papers, make sure they have all the required vaccinations and paperwork to prepare for your pet’s international flight, and you’re both good to go.

When you need help with an international pet flight, our team at Pet Chauffeur is the one to talk to. Call us at 212-696-9744 or 866-PET-RIDE, or fill out our online form on our Contact Us page.

International Pet Travels: The Requirements and Documents Pet Owners Should Prepare

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Are you planning to move to another country and you’re looking for a professional and reliable pet airline transportation service in NYC to transport your beloved and cherished pet? Then, Pet Chauffeur is the perfect and right place for you. We are your go-to and trusted international or domestic pet shipping company. But before the transportation of your pet, you need to know and be aware of the needed requirements and documents.

Needed Requirements and Documents for Pet Travels

Here are some of the essential requirements and documents you should prepare for your international pet travels.

  1. International Health Certificate
    One of the essential requirements and documents you need to prepare for your pet’s international travel is an international health certificate. This certificate must be completed within a specific time frame (usually within 10 days) before your arrival date. Any other paperwork required by the destination country must also be accomplished.
  2. Rabies Vaccinations Certificate
    Another significant requirement needed when you are transporting your pet internationally is a valid rabies vaccination. To confirm that the rabies vaccination is valid, the vaccination must have been given no more than one year and no less than 30 days before the intended travel date. To ensure that there won’t be any problems on the day of your travel, make sure to check your pet’s vaccination certificate in good time.
  3. A Microchip
    The next crucial requirement needed to transport your beloved pet internationally is a microchip. A microchip is a permanent form of identification that many countries require to ensure that the pet being brought in is the same one specified in the paperwork. Take note that some countries require the microchip to be given before the rabies vaccine.

    Additionally, some places require a different microchip than the one your pet already has, in which case they must have two microchips. To ensure successful and safe worldwide pet transportation services in NYC, choose Pet Chauffeur as your transportation partner.

  4. Normal Canine and Feline Vaccinations
    Another important requirement and document that your pet needs when traveling internationally is the normal canine and feline vaccination certificates. Since veterinary authorities are mainly concerned that your pet’s rabies vaccination is current, it is significant that your pets receive these vaccinations annually and are updated when necessary.

    Moreover, valid vaccination certificates are essential when your pet is boarding. All reputable kennels would insist you meet these requirements when traveling with your pet.

  5. Blood Titer Tests
    If you are planning to move or go to a rabies-free country with your beloved pet, make sure to prepare blood titer test results for your pet. The result or certification for the blood titer test should be within a certain time frame before your travel. Furthermore, take note and remember that some other countries also require additional infectious disease tests, so make sure to prepare those.

How to choose the best airline for your pet?

When picking an airline to make the reservation, the first choice is to pick an airline that has a direct flight for international travels. Considering all international flights have a holding time of 4 hours before departure and usually takes anywhere from an hour to 4 hours to clear customs in addition to the travel time on the plane. In the USA, there are 3 major airlines that fly internationally: American, Delta and United. If there are direct flights that require a certified broker through an IPATA agent (link to IPATA profile), you can find a reputable company in the link provided.


In Conclusion

If you are planning to migrate to another country or to go there for a vacation and relax with your beloved and cherished pet, make sure to be prepared and get these requirements and documents ready for your travel. Pet Chauffeur is your expert and reliable partner when it comes to worldwide pet transportation services in NYC and the tristate area. Do not hesitate to call us today at 212-696-9744 or 866-738-7433 to avail of our services.

Must-have Preparation for Your Pet Before a Long Travel

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Moms know best, they say. As for pet owners, whether they are fur moms or dads, they want to have what is best when choosing the best pet-friendly airlines and pet transport services in NYC, and internationally. However, this is not the only concern when traveling for a vacation or relocation with their lovely pets. Fur parents, especially those who are embarking on a trip for the first time or new fur parents, should be aware of the must-have preparations before taking a long journey. 

Here are some things you should consider if you are among these fur parents who are traveling for the first time with their pets:

Imposing Proper Training
Training your pets to do some tricks can be awesome. However, some training requires them to be prepared if they are going to travel, especially if it is your pet’s first trip away from home. Crate training is one of the most helpful things you can impose on your pet before your travel period. Additionally, its familiar and comfortable crate serves as a form of assurance.

Another training you can do before the trip is to do some practice or drills, like taking a 15-minute ride around town, and when it goes well, you can extend the duration. However, if your pet suffers or has a bad reaction like nausea and anxiety, you have to choose other alternatives to make pet transportation in NYC easier.

Quality Time
It is also crucial for pet owners to spend some quality time with their pets before the long trip. It will take a long time before they can get to run and exercise, so you have to play with them as much as possible. Moreover, this can ease some of their anxiety, so make sure to bring some of their favorite toys too!

Packing the Necessary
First and foremost, pet owners should always pack the necessary stuff for their beloved pets. Items like leashes, crates, collars, pet food, waste bags, and, of course, their favorite toys are what you should always pack first. But make sure that their collars have their vaccination tags and your contact information. And if you are thinking of bringing a newly bought toy for your pet, do not opt for small ones that can be a choking hazard. Choose chewable toys instead

Visiting the Vet
There are many reasons why you should always pay a visit to the veterinarian before traveling. Your pet’s well-being is the most important part of the long trip preparation process. Do not forget to inform the vet about the trip, how long it will be, and where you are headed. In that way, the doctor can assess how well your pet can handle the stress. Most importantly, you have the available medical record of your pet while traveling. 

Additionally, there are other things you have to be aware of when visiting the vet. If you haven't gotten your pet microchipped, you should also consider this. Or if your pet has specific issues, like pre-existing medical concerns, that may affect or impact them during the trip, then you should consult with a vet. Also, always bring a first aid kit.

Another thing you should consider is to make sure that your pet is well-groomed. Make sure that your pet’s fur is maintained and always bring grooming tools in case their fur gets tangled or matted.

Early Arrival
It is best to arrive at the airport early. Because there are times when passengers should check in their pets two hours before the flight schedule. Arriving early can also make you spare some time to walk them around during the extra time and get some nice quality time. 


If you are looking for the most reliable company with pet transport services in NYC, choose Pet Chauffeur to make your pet’s transportation a great experience. Reach us at 212-696-9744.

Restrictions on Pet Shipping on Different Season


Many households around the globe consider pets a part of the family. This is one of the reasons why considerations for our pets are always integrated into every travel or moving plan we have. This is why factors to consider, like the current weather, when transporting our beloved pets from one area to another are always kept in mind.

This is also why many fur parents ask for the help of professional pet airline transportation services in NYC to ensure safe and hassle-free travel for everyone. You’ll never go wrong when you seek help from a professional pet shipper.

Air Traveling Tips with Pets

As responsible fur families, it is also important that you have knowledge and understanding of what to do whenever you are traveling with your pet. For starters, here are some of the tips that you may want to take note of whenever you are traveling with your fur babies.

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Myths and Facts of NYC Pet Transportation Services



Every year, hundreds and thousands of animals travel via airplane or car. It’s easy to find reliable information that helps prepare you and your pet’s travel needs before departure. But unfortunately, there are also myths about pet transportation services in NYC and in other states that are hard to tell from facts.

So to ensure you are getting the information about pet travels, we’ve researched and compiled all helpful facts about traveling with pets. But first, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about traveling with pets.

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Your Guide when Relocating Pets to Another Country

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Traveling with a pet outside the country needs medical protocols and legal paperwork that an owner must fulfill if the trip is to go without a hitch. With all the preparations required for the journey, it’s important that you don’t forget to have the long checklist of what are to be done in relation to your dog, cat or whatever your domesticated animal is. You can attend to the items in the inventory yourself or you can avail of pet transportation services in New York City.

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Private: A Cab For Your Lab



By David Serchuk

Owner David Lang started Pet Chauffeur four years ago with one goal: to create a recession-proof business.

At the time, Lang delivered prescription pet food for high-end veterinarians. The vets told Lang their clients lacked transport for their animals around Manhattan. Lang was surprised. “I didn’t even know there was a problem with it,” he said, “because I didn’t live in Manhattan.”

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It’s a Fare Deal for Fido

By Ralph R. Ortegas


Vicki Ungar gave up yelling, “Hey, taxi!” to go across town with Molly, her lovable cocker spaniel.”Ten taxis will pass you before one will stop. I guess most don’t like people with animals,” said Ungar, a pet hospital manager who travels to work with her pooch daily.

David Lang, owner of Pet Chauffer, picks up another fare. Ungar gets Molly there using Pet Chauffeur, one of the city’s pet-transportation companies that allow humans along for the ride. Animal lovers who travel with sizable dogs, as well as iguanas, ferrets and other exotic critters, have turned to such companies after being banned from most other modes of public transport.
Cabbies take the most heat for passing on pets, objecting because of their size and even for religious and cultural reasons. Many drivers can’t handle fur. “I’m highly allergic to cats, I choke,” said Fernando Mateo, president of the 30,000-member New York Federation of Taxi Drivers, representing livery cabs. But the biggest objection comes from the potential backseat cleanup.

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