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Pet Chauffeur has been around for more than 20 years providing outstanding pet transportation services all over the world. As such, our company has been featured in numerous publications throughout the years. We were also able to collect a number of blogs and articles about the company. With topics ranging from our canine transport and travel in NYC to other tidbits detailing some significant events in our company and our other services, you will find good reads that may also be helpful to you.

Read our articles below to find out more about us and our journey throughout our years of service.

Restrictions on Pet Shipping on Different Season


Many households around the globe consider pets a part of the family. This is one of the reasons why considerations for our pets are always integrated into every travel or moving plan we have. This is why factors to consider, like the current weather, when transporting our beloved pets from one area to another are always kept in mind.

This is also why many fur parents ask for the help of professional pet airline transportation services in NYC to ensure safe and hassle-free travel for everyone. You’ll never go wrong when you seek help from a professional pet shipper.

Air Traveling Tips with Pets

As responsible fur families, it is also important that you have knowledge and understanding of what to do whenever you are traveling with your pet. For starters, here are some of the tips that you may want to take note of whenever you are traveling with your fur babies.

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Myths and Facts of NYC Pet Transportation Services



Every year, hundreds and thousands of animals travel via airplane or car. It’s easy to find reliable information that helps prepare you and your pet’s travel needs before departure. But unfortunately, there are also myths about pet transportation services in NYC and in other states that are hard to tell from facts.

So to ensure you are getting the information about pet travels, we’ve researched and compiled all helpful facts about traveling with pets. But first, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about traveling with pets.

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Your Guide when Relocating Pets to Another Country

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Traveling with a pet outside the country needs medical protocols and legal paperwork that an owner must fulfill if the trip is to go without a hitch. With all the preparations required for the journey, it’s important that you don’t forget to have the long checklist of what are to be done in relation to your dog, cat or whatever your domesticated animal is. You can attend to the items in the inventory yourself or you can avail of pet transportation services in New York City.

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Private: A Cab For Your Lab



By David Serchuk

Owner David Lang started Pet Chauffeur four years ago with one goal: to create a recession-proof business.

At the time, Lang delivered prescription pet food for high-end veterinarians. The vets told Lang their clients lacked transport for their animals around Manhattan. Lang was surprised. “I didn’t even know there was a problem with it,” he said, “because I didn’t live in Manhattan.”

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It’s a Fare Deal for Fido

By Ralph R. Ortegas


Vicki Ungar gave up yelling, “Hey, taxi!” to go across town with Molly, her lovable cocker spaniel.”Ten taxis will pass you before one will stop. I guess most don’t like people with animals,” said Ungar, a pet hospital manager who travels to work with her pooch daily.

David Lang, owner of Pet Chauffer, picks up another fare. Ungar gets Molly there using Pet Chauffeur, one of the city’s pet-transportation companies that allow humans along for the ride. Animal lovers who travel with sizable dogs, as well as iguanas, ferrets and other exotic critters, have turned to such companies after being banned from most other modes of public transport.
Cabbies take the most heat for passing on pets, objecting because of their size and even for religious and cultural reasons. Many drivers can’t handle fur. “I’m highly allergic to cats, I choke,” said Fernando Mateo, president of the 30,000-member New York Federation of Taxi Drivers, representing livery cabs. But the biggest objection comes from the potential backseat cleanup.

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